About commUNITY Yoga

commUNITY yoga was built because we wanted a place to practice really great yoga with really great people. We are in a great, easy to get to location. Click here for directions.

We at commUNITY yoga believe in every person’s ability to make the positive life changes necessary to live a vibrant life. At our studio you can open yourself to new possibilities and know that we are here to support and encourage you along the way. Take it from us, we know first hand how life changing it is to address all aspects of your health-physical, mental and emotional- and bring them into alignment with your values. Living your life in balance not only contributes to your personal happiness and wellness, but also to your family, friends, community, nation, and global community as well.

commUNITY yoga

We all have issues. Whether they are mental, physical, or emotional- everybody has something. That’s why commUNITY yoga purposefully keeps our yoga classes open to everyone regardless of gender, athleticism, age or health status. Rather than applying a “one-size fits all” approach, commUNITY yoga understands different bodies have different needs. We offer a variety of classes from gentle to more challenging and we encourage students to always be open to new possibilities. We teach with an emphasis on proper alignment, to lessen the risk of injury and help quiet the mind. commUNITY yoga is passionate about our community, and those in it. We are committed to providing a safe place for everyone on his or her mat and committed to providing experienced, powerful teachers.

Our classes offer the opportunity for a complete awakening of the body, mind and soul. Each of our fantastic 200 hour RYT trained instructors teach with focused awareness for the individual needs of each student. The physical body is only as flexible and strong as the mind allows it to be…with commitment to practice, as the body becomes stronger and more open, so do the mind and the spirit.

Yoga is for every BODY…ANYONE of ANY age or fitness level. You will find benefits both inside and out from a regular Yoga practice. Set your goal to focus on the whole, and join us at commUNITY yoga, where your first class is always free.

Is Yoga a Religion? NO!

The answer is NO! Yoga is not a religion; yoga is a system of techniques that can be used for a number of goals, from simply managing stress better, learning to relax, increasing limberness, all the way to becoming more self-aware and acquiring the deepest knowledge of one’s own self. The practice of yoga will not interfere with any religion. In fact, yoga is suitable for those of every faith, or those who have none. It has no creed or fixed set of beliefs, or any godlike figure to be worshiped. Yoga did not derive from Hinduism, in fact it pre-dates it by several thousand years. The cultivation of a mindful yoga practice will only help you go deeper into your won spiritual practices.

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What People Say About commUNITY yoga

“You would not find more fun and serene “spot” for your yoga practice in East Texas and more genuine and professional instructors to help you to kick away whatever is in your way today! Namaste” – Dace K.

“Took my first class at commUNITY yoga this morning. What a fabulous way to start the day! I was expecting the room to be too hot, but instead it was perfectly comfortable. The class was challenging, but not overly so and the time just flew by.” – Vanessa D.

“Yoga has been a great addition to my life and these ppl are the bestest and my most favoretest at the yoga classes. Yoga spot 4 life dawg.” – Nick J.

“I am in Tyler for the birth of my grand daughter. Walked in and thoroughly enjoyed the class, Holly was wonderful, helping this stiff 60 year old get through the class. Thank you” – Lenny R.

“Instructors are amazing! They really care! So happy I found this place.” – Nadia B.